If you have tried other forms of psychotherapy, like CBT or DBT, without getting the results you wanted, psychoanalysis may be the treatment that you need.  Psychoanalysis takes place four or five times weekly, making it possible to explore your inner life in depth.

In my 25 years that I have been practicing psychoanalysis, I have continued to learn, and I have been pleased with what my analysands have achieved in terms of character development, resilience, and integrity.

Psychoanalysis may be the treatment of choice if you want to understand and improve

  • Learn to control your anxiety or panic
  • Learn how to work with low mood, depression, grief, and the loss of significant person
  • Failure to succeed
  • Irritability and dissatisfaction
  • Relationships with

Working together, we will make a strong effort to fit the analysis to your individual needs, and I will draw on many different theoretical models in order to understand your inner feelings.

Psychoanalysis is a lengthy and intensive treatment, leading to discovery of parts of yourself that have been outside your conscious awareness for a long time.  Finding out about them will allow you to be truer to your deepest values and sense of self.  You will become more resilient and will have a greater sense of perspective.  As you develop greater self-understanding, you will create kinder and more loving relationships and have greater fulfillment in work and life.

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